Al-Miftah - Reciters’ Mine award is added within “ Global Reciter ” Competition


Registration Extended to September 5th and Age Eligibility to 40

Al-Miftah: Reciters’ Mine award is added within “Global Reciter” Competition

Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments Undersecretary Dr. Fareed bin Yaqoub Al-Miftah has announced that the registration deadline for the Bahrain International Holy Quran Recitation (Global Reciter), held under the patronage of HM King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, has been extended to September 5th instead of 24th June 2014 in a bid to accommodate the continuous upsurge in number of willing to participate competitors.

Al Miftah stated: “We also decided to increase the age eligibility for participation to 40 years to open the doors for other age groups in response to the desire of followers on social media channels and visitors to the competition’s web site”.

Furthermore, a new award – named Reciters Mine has been created in order to encourage leaners of Quranic institutions and centers from all over the world to participate. Institutions willing to take part can enter their details in the competition database so that we can include them in the approved institutions list that will be visible for individual participants. Listed institutions and centers will be displayed and sorted out in alphabetical order or by country name so that each competitor will see only the native institutions and thus can select the one he or she belongs to.

Dr. Al Miftah explained: “Any institution or center selected by a competitor will gain 4 points once the recitation is submitted, and based on the jury’s evaluation of the competitor in the first stage, institution may gain additional points. The institution gains 2 points if the competitor scores 70 to 79 (good), 4 points if the competitor scores 80 to 89 (very good), and 6 points if the competitor scores 90 and above (excellent)”, adding that the institution with the highest points will be the winner; in case of draw, priority will be given to the institution that has a first or a second position winner up the fifth position. The winner of Reciters’ Mine award will be honored in Bahrain during the concluding ceremony.