Visit Bahrain

Bahrain is a unique land with a line of ancient history. Unlike the neighboring gulf regions, Bahrain has a reputation of being the most liberal and modern Arabian Gulf state, which makes it the most favorable place to start with if your experience is new to the gulf. Although Bahrain is moving towards a more modernized lifestyle and its development happened quite fast, its people still hold on to and embrace their tradition. For those of you who admire opening up and exploring new cultures, you're in for a treat, as Bahrain is rich with its tradition and heritage. Bahrain takes serious responsibility in preserving its archeological digs and monuments. In Addition, traditional neighborhoods and souks still exist. Another beneficiary aspect is the British influence over Bahrain. This made the English language widely spoken; in fact, after Arabic, English is the most common language spoken in Bahrain. As for the people of Bahrain, they are very welcoming, and are known for their hospitality and generosity.

Aside from the culture and heritage, Bahrain has also developed substantially in terms of technology and information systems. Since the internet's first appearance in Bahrain in 1995, Bahrain has multiplied its effort in catching up and coping with the technological advances around the world. Bahrain took interest in establishing societies that deal with pure technology; how to implement it in our daily lives, and how will they improve it. Furthermore, Bahrain has tried to take advantage of the knowledge and technical advancement they possess and used it for the development of many sectors such as health, and education. The level of awareness regarding IT and technology has also increased significantly in comparison to five years ago. Now, Bahrain is considered to be one of the most up-to-date countries technologically in the Arabian Peninsula.

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