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Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the website of the International Quran Recitation Competition organized in the Kingdom of Bahrain. You are kindly invited to review the legal terms and conditions relating to the privacy and confidentiality policy applicable with respect to this website as appended hereunder. The site management has the full right to make any additions/deletions or amendments to the content of this policy, as necessary without the need for prior notice.

Internet Security Policy

The official contest website seeks all means to protect the data obtained, collected or made available thereto, and takes all necessary measures to safeguard such data, including authorization, monitoring, auditing and encryption.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

We highly appreciate our visitors’ confidence and trust in the content of this website and observance of the measures taken to secure the privacy of their information. The website will not collect any personal data unless it is voluntarily provided by the user in the course of his/her participation in any activity that requires the visitor to provide personal data. The website will collect necessary personal information when a visitor signs up to request services/information from the website. Personal information includes name, address or telephone number.

For some of the services we offer through the site, you can choose to log on through external social media channels, such as Facebook or Instagram. Through log in using this method, you hereby request the provider of that service (such as Facebook) and agree to send certain information from your public profile to us (such as name, email address, gender). We undertake to treat your personal information confidentially and not share them with any other party. We use these information only to process your registration with the services, including verifying your information is active and valid. In addition, we might provide you with special offers or promotional materials; and to include your information in our data analytics.

On the other hand, the website collects information for statistical purposes such as browser name, typeof computer, name of service provider, date of visit and pages viewed by the user. Such information helps us in evaluating users’ experience while navigating the website, and accordingly we can continue to improve our services. The collected information is neither centered on specific individuals who browse the contest, nor does it trace the activities of any user at all.

This official website uses collected data, such as personal data provided by the user through sending an electronic message to other participants or by filling a personal data form to be submitted on the contest website, in order to directly meet users’ needs or improve the network. The website may store your electronic messages or other information, or forward it to relevant entities to reasonably respond to your requests or to enhance the services based on information purposefully collected through polls. Such information shall neither be used for any commercial purposes, nor revealed to a third party without the visitor’s consent.


While we strive to provide accurate, timely and authentic information, there may be inadvertent technical or human-borne inaccuracies. In view of this, the website, its staff or owners do not warrant, explicitly or implicitly, the accuracy, completeness, updates or appropriateness of the information available. We also make no express or implied commitment in this regard. We expressly disclaim any liability or legal consequences for any errors, deletion of information available, or any fault connected with the website.

By accessing this website, you accept to bear all risks associated with the use of this website, including threats of viruses which may affect computers, software, data or files you receive or use on this website.

The contest website shall expressly bear no responsibility for any special, incidental or accidental damages, including, but not limited to, loss of revenues or profits due to the use or misuse of data contained in this website.

Copyrights and Trademarks

The whole contents of this website, including texts, graphics, logos, icons, images and software, are solely exclusive rights of their respective owners, and/or providers of such content. Thus they are legally protected by international laws of copyright, including their collection, assembly and installation.

Dear visitor, by using this website, you undertake not to copy the "meta tags" or modify, delete or cause damages to any of the contents of this website for advertising or promotional purposes without a prior written approval from the administration of the Quran Contest website.

Moreover, all contents of this website and any other components available thereon are considered as an exclusive trademark to the contest. As to other images, graphics, names, letters and name of companies are all registered trademarks. Therefore, these trademarks may not be used under any circumstances in relation with any product or service that may cause confusion or ambiguity or might degrade the content or distort its reputation.

Application for Licensing

A request permission to use any of the website’s contents should be submitted in writing through the following email:

No Unlawful or Prohibited Use

By accessing the contest website, the user undertakes to use it for lawful purposes and solely bears responsibility to be aware of, and adhere to, all rules and regulations pertaining to the use of the website. Thus, by accessing the website, the user undertakes not to:

  • Use the website for any unlawful or prohibited purposes in accordance with the applicable terms, conditions and laws; breach or attempt to breach the security system or threaten the safety of the website. This includes, but not limited to, executing data mining of information not related to the users.
  • Carry out a thorough examination or a survey or any attempt to test the website liability for security breaches, or attempt to interfere with the service provided to the site users, or use the site for uploading any content that contains viruses or any files, programmes or tools that might alter or cause damage to or hamper the functions of the website;
  • Post or transmit any advertisements or other promotional materials to the users of the website in any form;
  • Violate or to post any materials in violation of intellectual property rights;
  • Collect or store personal information related to other people;
  • Misuse the contest website in any manner;
  • Create inbound or outbound links to other websites without obtaining prior express written approval from the contest site administration.