Competition Idea
International Quran Recitations, which most Arabic and Islamic countries adopt, dated back to a half century, each organising country is keen to have its own international competition with an intent to showcase the level of care furnished to the Quran and encourage various categories of young generation to memorise, understand and recite the Quran.

Ministries concerned with Quran in such countries exert efforts to offer the latest in this domain. However, most of the International Quran Competitions are based on one and only style where the organiser embarks on sending invitations to the other countries and official entities requesting them to nominate one competitor as a representative, and thus nominees to be hosted evaluated and winners honored in the host country.

Based on such traditional style the number of participants in most international competitions does not exceed 100 competitors in each section.

Eventually, the idea of Bahrain's International Quran Competition (Global Reciter) came to the light. A global competition for the recitation of the Holy Quran that allows participants for all over the world wherever internet is accessible through logging-in to website, entering their details, and uploading their recitations video clips where juries remotely and from different territories evaluate the recitations according to the set criteria.