How to register in the competition for the first time?

To register in the competition for the first time, click on link

How do I register and upload my recitation?

For more details about registration and uploading the recitation, click on link

What is the age of elegibilty for patcipation ?
Age limit should not exceed 17 years for “Al Qari Al Sageer”, and 40 for other categories.
Does this competition focus on memorising or reciting the Holy Qur'an?

All branches are related to recitation from the Mushaf, except for Al Qari Al Hafiz which is dedicated for memorization.

What are the accepted Quranic Rewayat (narrations) in this competition?
It is possible to use any of the following narrations: (Hafs 'an 'Asim, Qaloon an Nafi’, Warsh 'an Nafi’  by way of Azraq, Warsh 'an Nafi’  by way of Al-Asbahani, Al-Duri from Abu `Amr Recitation)
Is it enough to upload the reciter's voice only?

Recitations must be recorded in an audio-video clip with the reciter’s photo.

What are the applicable evaluation criteria for recitations?

The evaluation is based on the following criteria:

  • Main criteria(1): Applying Tajweed Rules: 60% of the total score distributed into the following sub-criteria:
    • Sub criteria(1): Correct recitation of Quran.
    • Deducted from the total score, for example zero means that the student has no deduction in this category.
    • Sub criteria(2): Points of vocal Articulation and its attributes (makharij and Sifat) 40%.
    • Sub criteria(3): Redundant characteristics (Sifat aaridah) 30%.
    • Sub criteria(4): Stop and the Start (Waqf & Ibtida) 10%.
    • Sub criteria(5): Vowel and Non-vowel marks 10%.
    • Sub criteria(6): Obscured of Tajweed 10%.
  • Main criteria(2): Aesthetic sound and performance: 40% of the total score distributed into the following sub-criteria:
    • Sub criteria(1): Euphony & pleasing sound 30%.
    • Sub criteria(2): Illustration of Quranic implied meaning 30%.
    • Sub criteria(3): Aspects of layers and control of sound waves 20%.
    • Sub criteria(4): Opening and closing of verses 10%.
    • Sub criteria(5): Control of breath 10%.
Can I appeal against my result?

The organising Committee guarantees every competitor the right to appeal against his result within a period not exceeding 7 days. To review the process of appealing, click the link.

How can I recover my password?

The competitor can retrieve his password by clicking on Login icon and then clicking on Forgot Password?

Can I add sound effects and still images into my recitation?

The recitation must be live audio broadcast ((video clip)) without sound effects.

What is Reciters’ Mine award and how can I participate in it?

Reciters’ Mine award aims to motivate Quran institutions, establishments, and centers worldwide to inspire their students and staff members to participate in the Competition. For more information click the link below: link

To register click on this link

What is Audience Reciter Award?
This award is designed for competitor who gains the most votes of the audience. The winner will be hosted and honored in the final ceremony. For more details click the link
If I had participated in the previous versions of the competition, do I need to enter my details once again?

The competitor should log-in with the same email and password used in the previous versions and then update his details by logging on his personal profile page.

If I was qualified for the final stage in the previous versions of the competition, can I participate over again?

A competitor who qualified for the final stage has no right to participate over again in same branch.

Can the competitor change the branch of participation in each stage?

A competitor is entitled to choose the branch of his choice in the beginning of each competition.

How can I withdraw from the competition?

This can be done by halting uploading recitations to the competitor's account..

Are there juries to evaluate the entries?

All recitations are evaluated by a number of qualified juries, scholastically and academically, who hold multiple Quranic licenses and have proven experience in evaluating international and local Quranic competitions.

How does Audiences vote work?

At the end of stage 2 of the competition, a list of competitors who attained a score of 95% or above in applying (Tajweed, aesthetic sound and Performance) is extracted and displayed on the competition page. Audiences will vote for the reciter of their choice using their social media accounts.

Can candidates not exceeding 17 years participate in the remaining branches?

When a competitor registers on the competition website, relevant branches for participation will be active according to the age condition, such as “Al Qari Al Sageer” branch for those under 17 years old and the other branches for those under 40 years old.

Is it required for Al Qari Al Sageer / Al Qari Al Hafiz to recite at a specific branch?

Al Qari Al Sageer / Al Qari Al Hafiz are not required to recite at a specific branch.

Can females participate in the competition?

Females can only participate in “Al Qari Al Sageer” and "Al Qari Al Hafiz" branch..

How can I view my clips of specific recitations?

The competitor can view the list of clips after logging into his account on the competition website and then click “Participate” button to go to “Upload recitation clips.” Page.

Is it possible for me to upload a new recitation after the previous recitation has been rejected by the Quality control team?
The organizing committee has guaranteed the right to any participant whose recitation has been rejected by the Quality control team or for any other reason to upload again a new recitation using the same account.
How can I find out about the reason for the rejection of my previous recitation?
Go to the page showing " Follow posts" . Then click  on " View posts"
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