Over 101,554 social media networkers interacted with “Global Reciter”


The dynamic website allows agile registration and evaluation from anywhere in the world

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain : The eGovernment Authority (eGA) facilitates agility in registration to Bahrain International Global Reciter Competition, organized by the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments (MOJIA) represented by the Holy Quran Affairs Directorate under the patronage of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa  and in coordination with eGA - the technical partner.

In this regard, Director of Holy Quran Affairs Directorate Shaikh Abdulla Abdul Azizi Al Omari said: “The technical element is the core driver of this global competition and it wouldn’t be running today if it weren’t for the continuous, unlimited support the minister receive from the technical partner - the eGovernment Authority – which has dedicated all efforts and support to avail the electronic services that meet the universal nature of the contest and up to the supreme royal patronage.

Shaikh Al Omari announced that the competition has received a significant level of interaction on social media spaces and attracted a total of 101.554 social net-workers in two months in Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube and Instiqram, of which 60 000 net-workers via Twitter, 32.918 through Google, 5,840 via Facebook, 2.471 via YouTube and 325 in Instiqram. Gender wise, Men as the targeted group make up 97% of participants against only 3% for females.

He pointed out that the Competition’s Supreme Committee has recently risen the participation eligibility age to 40 years instead of 25 years. The Committee also decided to extend the registration period until 5, and create "Mine Reciters" award which is dedicated for Quran institutions that involve the largest number of contestants, pointing out that these decisions were taken in response to the feedback we receive from the public and are based on surveys results collected by the monitoring team responsible for collecting data related to the public interactivity and feedback.

The director of Holy Quran Affairs Directorate pointed out that rates of social net-workers engagement from Saudi Arabia is as high as 54%, compared to 22% in other GCC  countries, 2% in Arab Republic of  Egypt, 2% Europe, and 20 %  from various Arab countries. He added that the next stage of the competition will witness active marketing toward East Asia and some European countries.

The Global Reciter announced by MOJIA in a press conference held on April 1, 2014 is the leading online competition. The competition is open until September 5, 2014  for all interested males under the age of forty  .

The national eGovernment portal (Bahrain.bh) provides the Global Reciter services through a link to redirect users to the competition website (quran.bh) established by the technical partner (eGA). The competition website services provide an added value for participants and enable them to register, update their profiles and submit recitation video clips, in addition to other services and tools that allow the jury panel to update personal profiles and evaluate participants’ recitations.

It is worth mentioning that the eGovernment Authority has worked in coordination with the Central Informatics Organization (CIO) to provide the required electronic infrastructure to increase the competition website capacity in order to accommodate the highest number of participations. Technically speaking, the website is dynamic and facilitates uploading videos on YouTube for contesters and convenient evaluation for the jury members. Additionally, it facilitates the registration process as it offers the agenda for all stages, along with detailed information about the holly Qur’an, the competition, juries, latest news about the competition, and introductory information about Bahrain.  

The Global Reciter Competition allows an opportunity for all interested people from around the world to take part. All they need is to fill in an online form which is available on the website by can entering their personal details and then upload live video recitations. Submissions will be evaluated virtually online by the jury committee and recitations will be automatically screened throughout the five stages of the contest, and the top ten winners will be honored in the kingdom of Bahrain.