"Global Reciter Contest attracts 2772 early bird entries


Launched last September and will continue until the end of November

Dr. Al-Miftah: "Global Reciter Contest attracts 2772 early bird entries

Under the patronage of His Majesty King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa, the Holy Quran Affairs Directorate at the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments has launched the 3rd version of the Bahrain Web-based International Quran Recitation (Global Reciter) under the slogan “Compete the World”, the Ministry Undersecretary Dr. Fareed bin Yaqoub Al-Miftah stated.

Al-Miftah pointed out that Global Reciter is one of the achievements of the Reform Project of HM King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa who continues to support the Holy Quran activities and initiatives. Acting pursuant to the royal directives to improve the service of the holy book, the Ministry’s Quran Affairs Directorate has always been engaged to prepare, implement, monitor and evaluate the competition.  

“The competition aims at serving the Holy Quran and encouraging all age groups to recite the Quran, as well as highlighting the Kingdom of Bahrain’s efforts to in serving the Holy Quran at the global level, and enhancing the Kingdom's advanced initiatives in the field of eGovernment, he added. Remarkably, the previous two versions of the completion received wide attention and attracted thousands of competitors from different countries across the globe.

Dr. Fareed illuminated that the first stage of the competition which started early in September to continue until the end of November, has attracted 2772 entries from 76 countries, and 44 participations of new Quranic institutions. He urged "The people of the Qur’an" and Quranic institutions in various parts of the world to come on baord before the end of the first stage and compete for the title of "Global Reciter". He pointed out that the ministry is in close communication with representatives selected from 11 Arab and Islamic countries to promote the competition and communicate with the Quranic institutions and competitors who qualify for the various stages of the competition.  The representatives were selected based on their expertise in organizing competitions at the national level. The Quran Affairs Directorate, represented by Quranic Competitions Section, also sent 13,000 e-mails to Quranic institutions and individuals worldwide to introduce the competition and invite them for registration.

It is worth mentioning that the Global Reciter Competition, which has received many partnerships that interpret the concept of community engagement and public-private partnership, is open for participants from anywhere in the world where Internet is accessible. Competitors need to login to the contest website (www.quran.bh) and video-record their recitations. All recitations are evaluated online by highly qualified jury members through five stages.  Finally, the winners will be announced and honored in a ceremony to be in the Kingdom of Bahrain in April 2018.